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cannabuttered irish soda bread

Easy Cannabuttered Irish Soda Bread

By Curaleaf Blog

The store’s out of bread.
You’re looking for an easy infusion idea.
You 💚cannabutter.
You’re still bummed about missing the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

These are all great reasons to try our easy Cannabuttery Irish Soda Bread! This recipe uses basic ingredients that you’re likely to have at home… which is rather helpful right now!

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Infused Brookie Bars

Recipe: Infused Brookie Bars

By Curaleaf Blog

Infused Fudgy brownies and cannabuttery chocolate chip cookies, united in one dreamy bar! The combo of these two classics is sure to become your new favorite dessert; all those steps are worth the effort. Enjoy as is or serve warm with ice cream for a next-level experience.

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Tray of Curaleaf Cura-Chews

Need cannabis with convenience?
We got chew covered!

By Curaleaf Blog

It used to be that when you heard the word cannabis, it immediately triggered the mental image of a person smoking it. Today, we all know things have changed! Any well-stocked dispensary will offer you a myriad of administration methods, and plenty of product offerings to match. Because everyone has a unique relationship with cannabis, we say: “The more options, the better!”

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