Headed to Vegas? There’s no end to the entertainment in store; you can’t go wrong. Yet if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, there are several experiences you just can’t miss if you’re planning to recreate during your trip. We’ve pulled together our top 10 places to be when you’re elevated under the bright lights of Sin City.

Oh, and yes, Las Vegas holds that nickname for a reason. Buuuuuttt…  you still need to abide by the laws. Be sure you plan to stay in a private residence or 420-friendly hotel if you plan to partake. Here’s a refresher on general travel regulations as a cannabis consumer. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with Nevada state laws in terms of age requirements and possession limits, too.

Now that that’s out of the way…




#1: Blackjack Collective

First stop: Blackjack Collective. Whether you’re a total cannabis newbie or an educated connoisseur, this is your go-to dispensary for the duration of your Vegas stay. Known for its great deals, and quality selection, Blackjack’s staff is super knowledgeable; they’ll answer your every question in detail, with enthusiasm. Just bring your 21+ ID, and you’re good to go.


#2: Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Image via cannabition.com

Cannabition claims to be the world’s only immersive cannabis museum, and it’s not just trippy hippy stuff (though there’s plenty of that to satisfy). Amid the 24-foot bong and the intensely instagrammable installations, you’ll also find tons of informative displays on cannabis chemistry, botany, history and more. This is a 21+ facility, and they while they don’t sell any products, they feature plenty that you can go out and find when you’re done.


#3: Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Garden

The Bellagio’s fame leans towards it’s gambling, dining, and nightlife. But, the gardens! Since we know you appreciate plants, you won’t want to miss a stroll through what Bellagio calls their “14,000-square-foot floral playground.” The displays change quarterly to showcase the current season and surrounding holidays.


#4: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

When you think of Vegas, chances are you don’t think of nature. But, Red Rock Canyon will blow your mind! Gaze at the desert cliffs and geological wonders, and ride the 13 mile scenic loop. Assuming you’ll be putting your cannabis to use, be responsible, and opt for someone else to do the driving.  Vegas Desert Tours comes highly rated, with both full and half day tours to suit your schedule.


#5: Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck

At 1,149 feet above the strip, the observation deck of the iconic stratosphere hotel will literally leave you  high as a kite. Simply enjoy the 360° views, or go big and try one of their thrill rides. (Let the THC wear off beforehand, please!) This is the best way to see all of Vegas in a day!


#6: Nelson Ghost Town

Image courtesy of Raduranga

If you’re feelin’ like you’ve had your people fill, perhaps a visit to a ghost town is just the desolation you need. With all the old buildings and rusty metal, it’s a photographers dream (and a selfie-lover’s paradise).


#7: Cirque du Soleil

The epitome of elevated experiences. Vegas has no less than six Cirque options to satisfy your love of music while overloading you with eye candy. For Beatles or Michael Jackson fans, the choice is obvious. If you’re on the fence, try “O” or “Ka” for an unforgettable evening.


Can you believe we’re 7 items in without a single mention of food?!? Don’t worry the rest of this list makes up for that!


#8: Blackout Dining in the Dark

Photo by Rahul from Pexels

Now that you’re visual senses have been indulged to the max, let’s deprive ‘em! BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark is exactly what it sounds like. While eating a meal in complete darkness sounds a bit unreal, people claim it’s one of the most unique, fun and memorable experiences they’ve ever encountered. It’s a fixed, 5-course, plant-based menu, so veggie-heads can rest easy. And, bonus: if you spill some sauce on those white pants, no one will ever know.


#9: Hi-Scores Arcade Bar

Photo via hiscoreslv.com

This modest spot made the list because really, who doesn’t love vintage video games? Relive your past (or your parents’) by toggling the joysticks of old faves like Ms. Pacman and Space Invaders while enjoying carb-filled and deep-fried American food. Ahh, comfort.

#10: Finish it off at Marylin’s

A night in Vegas is notorious for blending into the next morning. So, if you’ve made the most of your day, Marilyn’s is the place to go for 24 hour eats and a breakfast menu that never ends. When the munchies take hold (or you’re just plain hungry), this place will have your back, no matter what time it is.


So there you have it. 10 ways to make the most of your trip to the strip… and its outskirts.

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Safe travels! 


Hanging with our friends at Blackjack Collective.